• These wipes are AWESOME. I regularly show my snake, Hank, as part of an educational presentation about the proper care of reptiles. It is difficult to bring the supplies necessary to clean him off prior to the showing, especially in addition to all of my other presentation materials. Reptile Wipes changed all that. It’s so easy to just throw them in the car with me and wipe Hank down. He is a California King so there is a lot of him to wipe! My first priority is Hank’s health and comfort, so I really like that these wipes are all-natural and fragrance-free. Think of them almost like human hand wipes, but safe for reptiles and without all the chemicals. I haven’t found anything similar to these wipes and am very glad to have discovered this product. Definitely recommend!
  • My son has a python as a pet. These reptiles really give me nightmares but he just loves the thing! I like that he enjoys caring for him. He provides for every need the snake has. He has explained to me that Roscoe has dry skin. I opted to buy Reptile Wipes and now his skin sheds but it isn’t scaling. It does work. Awesome product!
    Taylor Lakke
  • These handy wipes makes it easy for me keep my snake clean. I can use this wipe and not worry about the mess thats comes along with cleaning my snake with other methods. These wipes smell good and they work great. They also does not hurt reptiles in any form.